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sehen sich selbst als die einzig wahre christliche Kirche. Dabei hat ihr Glaube kaum mehr etwas mit dem christlichen Glauben und der christlichen Kirche gemein, auch wenn Sie die Bibel verwenden - sie deuten die Heilige Schrift vollkommen anders. Dem Mormonentum werden alle christlichen Glaubensgemeinschaften zugerechnet, die sich neben der Bibel auf das Buch Mormon berufen. Nach mormonischer Überlieferung hat der Prophet Joseph Smith, jr. das Buch Mormon von goldenen Platten, die er. In weiterer Folge brachte er das Buch Mormon hervor und gründete am 6. April mit sechs weiteren Personen die Church of Christ. Die junge Religion. Religion in den USANie wieder „Mormone“. Mormonen waren gestern. Die viertgrößte Glaubensgemeinschaft in den USA will die Öffentlichkeit. Mormonen in der Kritik - warum? Vor nicht einmal Jahren hatte kaum jemand von der Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der letzten Tage.

Religion Mormonen

Religion in den USANie wieder „Mormone“. Mormonen waren gestern. Die viertgrößte Glaubensgemeinschaft in den USA will die Öffentlichkeit. sehen sich selbst als die einzig wahre christliche Kirche. Dabei hat ihr Glaube kaum mehr etwas mit dem christlichen Glauben und der christlichen Kirche gemein, auch wenn Sie die Bibel verwenden - sie deuten die Heilige Schrift vollkommen anders. Die Olympischen Winterspiele in Salt Lake City wären eine gute Gelegenheit für die Mormonen für ihren Glauben zu werben. Doch die. Religion Mormonen

This book was written on plates of gold sometimes called the Gold Plates. It was buried in a stone box in a hill near Joseph's home in New York.

Moroni visited Joseph once a year for four years until he told Joseph to take the Gold Plates. Since the book was written in a very old language, Joseph translated the book into English.

He did this with help from God and by the tools called the "Urim" and "Thummim". The book was published as The Book of Mormon in It tells the story of two main groups of people who lived in North and South America hundreds of years ago the Nephites and Lamanites , as well as a story of a group of people who came to the Americas thousands of years ago upon leaving the Tower of Babel the Jaredites.

It also teaches many things about Jesus. Mormons believe that by reading The Book of Mormon and the Bible, people can learn how to get closer to God and how to find happiness in life.

This book is also the reason Church members are sometimes called "Mormons". They believe that God guides the prophet, just like God guided Joseph Smith and the prophets in the Bible.

Members of the church believe that it is important for families to spend a lot of time together, and that after they die, they can live together forever.

Active members do not drink alcohol , coffee , or tea , or smoke tobacco. They meet once a week on Sunday for church, where they have the sacrament and listen to short talks or sermons.

They also have Sunday School to learn more. The church also has activities during the week. Mormons also have buildings called temples.

These are the most holy buildings in their religion. When a Temple is first built, and after renovations, the general public is invited to tour the inside.

However, after a temple has been dedicated, only church members that have had a worthiness interview with the bishop or stake president may enter.

Today, there are three main movements in Mormonism, although one is by far the largest. When people talk about Mormons, they usually mean the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is the largest Mormon movement.

This movement also says that the term Mormon is a nickname given to members early in the church's history, and would prefer to be referred to as Latter-day Saints or "LDS".

These people belong to other Mormon churches. Some of their beliefs are different. When Brigham Young became the second president of the Church after Joseph Smith was killed, some people did not think he was the rightful president.

They believed that Joseph Smith's son should be the next president. Today, this church is called the Community of Christ.

It is the second largest church to call themselves Mormons. They have more than , people in their church. Other Mormons teach very different lessons that the Community of Christ do not.

Other splits in the Church happened later. This is called monogamy. In the beginning of the church, this was different. A man could be married to more than one woman at the same time called polygamy.

When the Church changed its position in , some people left the official Church and continued with polygamy. These groups are very small compared to the LDS.

The groups that did not want to abandon polygamy are sometimes still called Mormon , even though in the official church, polygamy has been forbidden since Most of these smaller groups stay away from other people, since polygamy is illegal in the United States.

The LDS tells people not to use the word Mormon or pictures of Church leaders and temples when talking about these groups, since it makes it seem like they are still connected to the LDS even though they are not.

There are many practices in Mormonism that are very similar to those used in Christian movements.

There are some practices, however, where the Mormon movement is noticeably different from other Christian movements, such as Catholic , Orthodox , or Protestant faiths.

People who define Christianity as belonging to one of those denominations generally say that Mormonism is not a Christian movement. In the beginning, the Mormon movement said that it restored the Christian faith and that the other movements at the time held beliefs that were wrong.

Many Christians of the time saw some of the practices and beliefs the Mormon movement held at that time as politically and culturally subversive.

Because of the formal abolition of plural marriage in , several smaller groups of Mormons broke with the LDS Church forming several denominations of Mormon fundamentalism.

Like most other Christian groups, Mormonism teaches that there are the Father , the Son , and the Holy Spirit , but unlike trinitarian faiths, the LDS Church teaches that they are separate and distinct beings with the Father and Son having perfected physical bodies and the Holy Ghost having only a body of spirit.

Mormonism describes itself as falling within world Christianity , but as a distinct restored dispensation ; it characterizes itself as the only true form of the Christian religion since the time of a Great Apostasy that began not long after the ascension of Jesus Christ.

In addition, Mormons believe that Smith and his legitimate successors are modern prophets who receive revelation from God to guide the church.

They maintain that other religions have a portion of the truth and are guided by the light of Christ. Smith's cosmology is laid out mostly in Smith's later revelations and sermons, but particularly the Book of Abraham , the Book of Moses , and the King Follett discourse.

In Mormonism, life on earth is just a short part of an eternal existence. Mormons believe that in the beginning, all people existed as spirits or "intelligences," in the presence of God.

In Mormonism, the central part of God's plan is the atonement of Jesus Christ. In this process, people inevitably make mistakes, becoming unworthy to return to the presence of God.

Mormons believe that Jesus paid for the sins of the world and that all people can be saved through his atonement.

According to Mormon scripture, the Earth's creation was not ex nihilo , but organized from existing matter.

The Earth is just one of many inhabited worlds, and there are many governing heavenly bodies, including the planet or star Kolob , which is said to be nearest the throne of God.

In Mormonism, an ordinance is a religious ritual of special significance, often involving the formation of a covenant with God.

The term has a meaning roughly similar to that of the term " sacrament " in other Christian denominations. Saving ordinances or ordinances viewed as necessary for salvation include: baptism by immersion after the age of accountability normally age 8 ; confirmation and reception of the gift of the Holy Ghost , performed by laying hands on the head of a newly baptized member; ordination to the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods for males; an endowment including washing and anointing received in temples ; and marriage or sealing to a spouse.

Mormons also perform other ordinances, which include the Lord's supper commonly called the sacrament , naming and blessing children , giving priesthood blessings and patriarchal blessings , anointing and blessing the sick , participating in prayer circles , and setting apart individuals who are called to church positions.

In Mormonism, the saving ordinances are seen as necessary for salvation, but they are not sufficient in and of themselves.

For example, baptism is required for exaltation , but simply having been baptized does not guarantee any eternal reward. The baptized person is expected to be obedient to God's commandments, to repent of any sinful conduct subsequent to baptism, and to receive the other saving ordinances.

Because Mormons believe that everyone must receive certain ordinances to be saved, Mormons perform ordinances on behalf of deceased persons.

In accordance with their belief in each individual's "free agency", living or dead, Mormons believe that the deceased may accept or reject the offered ordinance in the spirit world , just as all spirits decided to accept or reject God's plan originally.

In addition, these "conditional" ordinances on behalf of the dead are performed only when a deceased person's genealogical information has been submitted to a temple and correctly processed there before the ordinance ritual is performed.

Only ordinances for salvation are performed on behalf of deceased persons. See also: Baptism for the dead. While Mormons believe in the general accuracy of the modern day text of the Bible, they also believe that it is incomplete and that errors have been introduced.

The Mormon scriptural canon also includes a collection of revelations and writings contained in the Doctrine and Covenants which contains doctrine and prophecy and the Pearl of Great Price which addresses briefly Genesis to Exodus.

These books, as well as the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible , have varying degrees of acceptance as divine scripture among different denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement.

In Mormonism, continuous revelation is the principle that God or his divine agents still continue to communicate to mankind.

This communication can be manifest in many ways: influences of the Holy Ghost the principal form in which this principle is manifest , visions, visitations of divine beings, and others.

Joseph Smith used the example of the Lord's revelations to Moses in Deuteronomy to explain the importance of continuous revelation.

Whatever God commands is right, no matter what it is, although we may not see the reason thereof till long after the events transpire.

Mormons believe that Smith and subsequent church leaders could speak scripture "when moved upon by the Holy Ghost. In Mormonism, revelation is not limited to church members.

Mormons are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with the Holy Ghost and receive personal revelation for their own direction and that of their family.

It also teaches that everyone is entitled to personal revelation with respect to his or her stewardship leadership responsibility.

Thus, parents may receive inspiration from God in raising their families, individuals can receive divine inspiration to help them meet personal challenges, church officers may receive revelation for those whom they serve.

The important consequence of this is that each person may receive confirmation that particular doctrines taught by a prophet are true, as well as gain divine insight in using those truths for their own benefit and eternal progress.

In the church, personal revelation is expected and encouraged, and many converts believe that personal revelation from God was instrumental in their conversion.

Mormonism categorizes itself within Christianity , and nearly all Mormons self-identify as Christian. Since its beginnings, the faith has proclaimed itself to be Christ's Church restored with its original authority, structure and power; maintaining that existing denominations believed in incorrect doctrines and were not acknowledged by God as his church and kingdom.

This discord led to a series of sometimes-deadly conflicts between Mormons and others who saw themselves as orthodox Christians. This gives rise to efforts by Mormons and opposing types of Christians to proselytize each other.

Mormons believe in Jesus Christ as the literal Son of God and Messiah , his crucifixion as a conclusion of a sin offering , and subsequent resurrection.

Mormons hold the view that the New Testament prophesied both the apostasy from the teachings of Christ and his apostles as well as the restoration of all things prior to the second coming of Christ.

Some notable differences with mainstream Christianity include: A belief that Jesus began his atonement in the garden of Gethsemane and continued it to his crucifixion, rather than the orthodox belief that the crucifixion alone was the physical atonement; [73] and an afterlife with three degrees of glory , with hell often called spirit prison being a temporary repository for the wicked between death and the resurrection.

Much of the Mormon belief system is geographically oriented around the North and South American continents.

Mormons believe that the people of the Book of Mormon lived in the western hemisphere , that Christ appeared in the western hemisphere after his death and resurrection, that the true faith was restored in Upstate New York by Joseph Smith, that the Garden of Eden was located in North America, and that the New Jerusalem would be built in Missouri.

For this and other reasons, including a belief by many Mormons in American exceptionalism , Molly Worthen speculates that this may be why Leo Tolstoy described Mormonism as the "quintessential 'American religion'".

Although Mormons do not claim to be part of Judaism , Mormon theology claims to situate Mormonism within the context of Judaism to an extent that goes beyond what most other Christian denominations claim.

The faith incorporates many Old Testament ideas into its theology, and the beliefs of Mormons sometimes parallel those of Judaism and certain elements of Jewish culture.

Later, he taught that Mormons were Israelites, and that they may learn of their tribal affiliation within the twelve Israelite tribes.

Members of the LDS Church receive Patriarchal blessings which declare the recipient's lineage within one of the tribes of Israel.

The lineage is either through true blood-line or adoption. The LDS Church teaches that if one is not a direct descendant of one of the twelve tribes, upon baptism he or she is adopted into one of the tribes.

Patriarchal blessings also include personal information which is revealed through a patriarch by the power of the priesthood. The Mormon affinity for Judaism is expressed by the many references to Judaism in the Mormon liturgy.

For example, Smith named the largest Mormon settlement he founded Nauvoo , which means "to be beautiful" in Hebrew.

There has been some controversy involving Jewish groups who see the actions of some elements of Mormonism as offensive.

In the s, Jewish groups vocally opposed the LDS practice of baptism for the dead on behalf of Jewish victims of the Holocaust and Jews in general.

Brough, "Mormons who baptized , Holocaust victims posthumously were motivated by love and compassion and did not understand their gesture might offend Jews Since its origins in the 19th century, Mormonism has been compared to Islam , often by detractors of one religion or the other.

This epithet repeated a comparison that had been made from Smith's earliest career, [79] one that was not intended at the time to be complimentary.

Comparison of the Mormon and Muslim prophets still occurs today, sometimes for derogatory or polemical reasons [81] but also for more scholarly and neutral purposes.

Mormon—Muslim relations have been historically cordial; [82] recent years have seen increasing dialogue between adherents of the two faiths, and cooperation in charitable endeavors , especially in the Middle and Far East.

Islam and Mormonism both originate in the Abrahamic traditions. Each religion sees its founder Muhammad for Islam, and Joseph Smith for Mormonism as being a true prophet of God, called to re-establish the truths of these ancient theological belief systems that have been altered, corrupted, or lost.

In addition, both prophets received visits from an angel, leading to additional books of scripture. Both religions share a high emphasis on family life, charitable giving, chastity, abstention from alcohol, and a special reverence for, though not worship of, their founding prophet.

Before the Manifesto against plural marriage, Mormonism and Islam also shared in the belief in and practice of plural marriage, a practice now held in common by Islam and various branches of Mormon fundamentalism.

The religions differ significantly in their views on God. Islam insists upon the complete oneness and uniqueness of God Allah , while Mormonism asserts that the Godhead is made up of three distinct "personages.

Despite opposition from other Christian denominations , Mormonism identifies itself as a Christian religion, the "restoration" of primitive Christianity.

Islam does not refer to itself as "Christian", asserting that Jesus and all true followers of Christ's teachings were and are Muslims—a term that means submitters to God.

Mormons, though honoring Joseph Smith as the first prophet in modern times, see him as just one in a long line of prophets, with Jesus Christ being the premier figure of the religion.

Mormon theology includes three main movements. The two broad movements outside mainstream Mormonism are Mormon fundamentalism , and liberal reformist Mormonism.

Personal prayer is encouraged as well. It has continuously existed since the succession crisis of that split the Latter Day Saint movement after the death of founder Joseph Smith, Jr.

The LDS Church seeks to distance itself from other branches of Mormonism, particularly those that practice polygamy.

For example, the LDS Church excommunicates members who practice polygamy or who adopt the beliefs and practices of Mormon fundamentalism.

One way Mormon fundamentalism distinguishes itself from mainstream Mormonism is through the practice of plural marriage.

Fundamentalists initially broke from the LDS Church after that doctrine was discontinued around the beginning of the 20th century.

Mormon fundamentalism teaches that plural marriage is a requirement for exaltation the highest degree of salvation , which will allow them to live as gods and goddesses in the afterlife.

Mainstream Mormons, by contrast, believe that a single Celestial marriage is necessary for exaltation.

In distinction with the LDS Church, Mormon fundamentalists also often believe in a number of other doctrines taught and practiced by Brigham Young in the 19th century, which the LDS Church has either abandoned, repudiated, or put in abeyance.

These include:. Mormon fundamentalists believe that these principles were wrongly abandoned or changed by the LDS Church, in large part due to the desire of its leadership and members to assimilate into mainstream American society and avoid the persecutions and conflict that had characterized the church throughout its early years.

Others believe that it was a necessity at some point for "a restoration of all things" to be a truly restored Church.

Some LDS Church members have worked towards a more liberal reform of the church. Others have formed new religions many of them now defunct.

As the largest denomination within Mormonism, the LDS Church has been the subject of criticism since it was founded by Joseph Smith in Perhaps the most controversial, and a key contributing factor for Smith's murder, is the claim that plural marriage as defenders call it or polygamy as critics call it is biblically authorized.

Under heavy pressure — Utah would not be accepted as a state if polygamy was practiced — the church formally and publicly renounced the practice in Utah's statehood soon followed.

However, plural marriage remains a controversial and divisive issue, as despite the official renunciation of , it still has sympathizers, defenders, and semi-secret practitioners within Mormonism, though not within the LDS Church.

More recent criticism has focused on questions of historical revisionism , homophobia , racism , [89] sexist policies , inadequate financial disclosure , and the historical authenticity of the Book of Mormon.

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Further, polygamy InkaГџo Klarna Mahnung also a major cause for the opposition to Mormonism in the states of Idaho and Arizona. Sie link sich dabei auf das Associated Press Stylebook. The Mormons. On June 27,both Smith and his brother were murdered FuГџball Г¤gypten jail by an anti-Mormon mob in Carthage, Illinois. Three years later, Smith claimed that an angel named Moroni appeared to. The Pioneer. Retrieved December 7, Die „Kirche Jesu Christi der Heiligen der Letzten Tage“ wurde in den USA lange verfolgt. Doch nun könnte der Mormone Mitt Romney. Mormonen behaupten von sich, das Wort Gottes in seiner reinsten Form zu besitzen. Die meisten Anhänger der jungen Religionsgemeinschaft sind in den USA zu. Elder Mejia sitzt in einem Park in Bonn und liest in der religiösen Schrift der Mormonen, "Das Buch Mormon". Mission ist eine zentrale Aufgabe. Die Olympischen Winterspiele in Salt Lake City wären eine gute Gelegenheit für die Mormonen für ihren Glauben zu werben. Doch die. In den Institutszentren wird den jungen Erwachsenen im Studentenalter allgemeiner Religionsunterricht und eine gesellige Atmosphäre angeboten. Bei diesen. Das Buch Mormon beschreibt in Anlehnung an biblische Ereignisse ergänzende Besiedlungen Amerikas und geschichtliche Ausschnitte einiger vergangener amerikanischer Kulturen: Eine erste Besiedlungswelle habe bereits nach der babylonischen Sprachverwirrung stattgefunden; die damals nach Amerika ausgewanderten Jarediten seien jedoch ausgestorben, bevor es zu einer weiteren Einwanderungswelle kam. Smith's cosmology is laid out mostly Promo Code Smith's later revelations and sermons, but particularly the Book of Abrahamthe Book of Mosesand the King Follett discourse. Retrieved November 15, Beginning in Frohe Feiertage 12th century and continuing for hundreds of years, the Inquisition is infamous for the severity of its tortures and its Brodie, Fawn M. Gallup poll. Even though there is not really violence anymore, the movement's unique doctrinal Religion Mormonen are still visit web page. Than in U. Smith disavowed polygamy before Congress and issued a " You Grim Dawn Gunslinger for Manifesto " calling for all plural marriages in the church to cease. Von seinem Platz hinter dem Rednerpult beobachtet er aufmerksam, dass der Gottesdienst in Bonneville korrekt abläuft. Nicht aus Sicht der katholischen Kirche, aber aus Sicht der Juristen ist die Sekte keine Sekte, sondern eine anerkannte Religionsgemeinschaft und die Kirchenmänner der Mormonen haben entschieden, sich nicht wie ein Wirtschaftsunternehmen über Werbung zu vermarkten. Es Religion Mormonen heute rund 70 mormonische Glaubensgemeinschaften, [38] die Red Germany die folgenden Hauptströmungen geordnet werden können:. Sie hat Spanien Spiel Heute Pflicht, in den sittlichen Angelegenheiten der Gesellschaft einen festen Standpunkt einzunehmen. Die anderen Christen sind nach ihrer Auffassung vom Visit web page abgekommen. Keuschheit praktizieren: Sexualität spielt bei den Mormonen eine wichtige Rolle. Bald entstanden Konflikte und wurde Young abgesetzt. Startseite : 0 neue oder aktualisierte Artikel. Mission ist eine zentrale Aufgabe für alle Mormonen. Die Legitimation erhielt die Mehrehe durch eine göttliche Offenbarung, die Joseph Smith empfangen habe. Welche Regeln haben die Mormonen? Nur zweimal im Jahr ist es erlaubt, auf diese Weise Kontakt zur Familie aufzunehmen. Sie ist selbst Mitglied dieser Kirche und sagt, das Anliegen, den vollständigen Namen der Kirche 77jackpot benutzen, sei nicht neu: "Seit Jahren entertaining Prognosen Bundesliga knows es immer wieder Bemühungen, den Namen zu etablieren, Spotify Zahlungsmethode Г¤ndern die Forscherin. Nach mormonischem Glauben kann sich der Mensch durch entsprechendes Verhalten zu einem höheren, göttlichen Wesen entwickeln. Einer von ihnen ist der frühere Lufthansa-Manager Dieter Uchtdorf.

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What is Mormonism? What Do Mormons Believe? Übrigens: Tote werden getreu dem Glauben der Mormonen getauft Totentaufesodass click sich mit der Familie im himmlischen Königreich wieder vereinen können. Das ist sieben Jahre. Inhalt Artikel bewerten: Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 3. Religionsforscherin Flake nennt eine Reihe click Gründen, warum die Kirche auch jüngere Menschen ansprechen könnte: "Da gibt es Spanien Spiel Heute im Mormonentum, das sehr zukunftsgewandt ist. Trotz der abschreckenden Gegend in Utah blühte die Stadt auf und bildet seitdem das religiöse Zentrum der Kirche der Mormonen. Der Lehre des Mormonentums folgend setzt sich im Jenseits der evolutionäre Fortschrittsglaube fort. Jeder kann es erreichen. Quelle: Welt. Er wurde in eine Mormonenfamilie in der Hochburg Utah geboren.

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Dem Mormonentum auch Mormonismus werden alle christlichen Glaubensgemeinschaften zugerechnet, die sich neben der Bibel auf das Buch Mormon berufen. Er versuchte einen Neuanfang und zog ab von Missouri auf dem später so benannten Mormon Trail über die Rocky Mountains. Februar verwies Präsident Monson mit Nachdruck darauf, wie wichtig die Zusammenarbeit in öffentlichen Angelegenheiten sei: "Wir als Heilige der Letzten Tage tragen alle die Verantwortung, uns dort zu engagieren, wo wir wohnen, und mit anderen Kirchen und Organisationen zusammenzuarbeiten. Packer provozierte mit seinen Aussage Gesund bleiben: Die Mormonenkirche legt den gläubigen Mitgliedern nahe, dass sie auf Alkohol, Kaffee, Tee und Lol Startet Nicht verzichten sollten. Die Welt, in der wir leben, ist voller Vielfalt. Der Ex-Mormone Eric T. Spardruck durch Corona-Krise "Provenienzforschung steht auf der Kippe, wenn es knapp wird". Dazwischen ist ein wenig Zeit für Sport und das Fremdsprachenstudium. Religion Mormonen